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Statement of Purpose

Cybernetics Club was initiated by Vansh Virdi, a class XI student of Modern School Vasant Vihar, in the summer of 2020, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. It was formed to create awareness and provide quality education about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to students all around the world... Read More »

Benefaction To Students

  • Weekly Articles: The world of possibilities is expanding with AI. We don’t want any club member to feel that they are not updated with the latest news. Therefore, Vansh regularly posts articles about the latest and possible AI applications, duly vetted by our mentors. Similarly, the executive board accepts scholarly articles from different students highlighting the latest AI innovations, thereby creating an interactive online community.
  • Discussion Forum: This platform enables the existing members of the website to raise questions and ask their doubts. The staff at the club aims to answer almost every question within 72 hours of posting. 
  • School Interactions: The Club collaborates with many different schools in India and organises weekly webinars. The webinars help in tutoring students of many schools who previously had a little or no knowledge about AI. 
  • Project Development: The Club values everyone’s mind and encourages its members to start thinking like engineers from a young age. We are willing to fund any exceptional idea or implementation of AI, given that our Chief Mentor approves it.

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