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Apple’s founder Steve Jobs and Google’s founders, all started their companies in their garages. Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook in his Harvard’s dorm room. Youtube was also started in a cubicle. The fact that I want to establish here is that no designated place is assigned for innovative ideas to take birth. Often, many ideas die even before they are born as we are not dedicated to the idea’s accomplishment. However, we want to change this for once and all and make everyone believe that everything is possible with Artificial Intelligence.

At Cybernetics Club, we want to extract your hidden love for automation. On this page, we encourage you to share any idea that you come across in the form of articles which may get criticised by some people. In the article you can mention about its origin, it’s possible working and applications. You can also send articles about AI, sharing your viewpoints on this growing technology. You can express your views about the potential applications of AI in the future which have not been implemented yet. You can also highlight various news about AI in the form of articles, explaining its current applications, emphasising on the need to automate multiple sectors etc.

At the same time, our editorial board will look into your articles and take all of them into consideration, the best articles will be featured in the front page and will be sponsored by us to get displayed prominently on many different search engines and/or newspapers. Efforts will be made to create the prototypes and model designs of the most innovative ideas which are approved by our editorial board and various mentors. The student whose prototype gets selected will get sponsored by us to participate in different science fairs.

So get your thinking boots on...It’s AI time!

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