Cybernetics Club was initiated by Vansh Virdi, a class XI student of Modern School Vasant Vihar, in the summer of 2020, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. It was formed to create awareness and provide quality education about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to students all around the world. Since its origin, the club has increased its userbase and has never failed to deliver. It has conducted several webinars, promptly posted articles and answered various queries regarding AI.

Our Story

As artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly gaining popularity, many countries are fighting their way out, trying to become the AI capital in the coming years. With its tremendous workforce, India can lead the world in this fourth industrial revolution of AI. However, the country majorly lacks in creating awareness about the subject amongst the youth. Numerous people talking about AI are not coherent of its exact definition and have formed their own versions of it. The credit for disregarding the subject of automation and robotics also goes to the Indian Education System.

Apprehending that pursuing an artificial intelligence course can be troublesome in India, Vansh decided to launch Cybernetics Club to everyone. The club initially provided early-stage education on AI only to school children. However, realising that education has no boundaries, we allowed people of every age group to become an active member of this club. Over time, we have collaborated with many professional teachers and engineers who have supported us in taking this club forward by regularly providing AI insights on our website. Through the website, we provide practical examples highlighting the importance of AI in solving intricate real-world problems. 

Vision and Mission

At Cybernetics, we understand that creating awareness is the prerequisite for providing education about any subject. By coordinating and working with as many schools as possible, we spread technical knowledge regarding AI among young aspirants. The club focuses more on explaining the logic behind an idea’s development, rather than just providing formal knowledge. We create free learning opportunities for people who cannot afford the expensive courses available on the internet. The club helps in forming a strong community of AI enthusiasts allowing everyone to spread and gain knowledge about AI.

Over the course of years, we would like to see Cybernetics Club as an ideal and a highly valued choice for anyone who wants to learn AI. Every day, we work hard, trying to achieve our vision of creating a world which is in love with automation. We want to contribute to the demystification of the hoax that revolves around AI. In the future; we aspire to establish our name as one of the leading online tutoring institutions for AI in the educational facility.